Security Best Practices and Architecture References

Security best practices start with the strong architecture. This resource contains ultimate Security Best Practices and Architecture Reference white papers that provide a deep dive into designing efficient and secured private and public cloud infrastructures.

Security Best Practice Architecture Documents

Private Cloud Security for Cisco ACI Infrastructure

The whitepaper outlines how to utilize Check Point CloudGuard for ACI as a Check Point Advanced Security solution with the Cisco ACI fabric.

Cloud Native Security Model

The presentation shows how to design the ultimate Cloud-Native Security model based on the adjacency of the Gartner CNAAP concept and 4C Security approach from Kubernetes along with Check Point Cloud Guard architecture.

Security Reference Architectures for Public Clouds Using CloudGuard Network Security

This whitepaper outlines use cases, architecture diagrams, and a Zero Trust approach that will allow customers to build the best strategy for a public cloud data center.

Check Point SASE Reference Architecture

This document provides a basic understanding of SASE architecture, explains how it solves different needs of evolving organizations, and best practices for deployment.

Check Point Cloud Native Security

This whitepaper helps provide a basic understanding of a modern approach to securing micro services and container technologies.

Check Point Secure Cloud Transformation

The Check Point Global Architecture team is pleased to share a whitepaper on Secure Cloud Transformation. This document presents a secure architectural vision, utilizing a business-driven, cloud migration strategy.

Check Point Enterprise Security Framework

The Check Point Enterprise Security Framework allows any enterprise security team to develop a secure architecture using a formulated, accountable, and comprehensive process.

Best Practices For Remote Access in Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Scenarios

This Check Point white paper provides guidance for network security administrators on the capabilities of, and methods of implementing secure access for remote employees. The document highlights the Check Point’s remote access solutions and their applicability to different use cases. Also covered are network design considerations and high-level implementation methods.

Check Point CloudGuard IaaS Architecture Reference and Best Practices for VMware NSX-V and NSX-T

This whitepaper outlines the integration of VMware NSX with Check Point CloudGuard to provide Best practices, Use Cases, Architecture diagrams and Zero-Trust approach to enable customers to build the best strategy to Secure Software Defined Data Center according with the business needs.

Check Point SD-WAN Architectural Reference Guide

This how-to guide is intended for enterprises looking to reduce the cost of their WAN, while increasing business agility and application performance, in a secure manner.

Check Point CloudGuard SaaS Reference Architecture

The recommendations in this document are designed to inform engineers, architects and enterprise security professionals, who want to deploy SaaS applications to internal users without compromising the existing security posture.

Check Point How to Keep Gateways Updated Offline

The Private Threat Cloud provides a solution for customers who’s Security Gateways or other Check Point devices do not connect directly to the Internet. With the Private Threat Cloud, users receive continuous protection as cloud services are extended offline and into other compartmentalized environments.

Check Point Identity Awareness for Multi-Domain

This document is focused on a scenario of enforcing identity-based policies on security gateways running version R80.30 and earlier in a Multi-Domain environment.

Check Point Internet Web Access Best Practices

This document aims to explain the Check Point approach to securing access to Internet. It provides architectural references for what, why and how organizations should consider when securing access to Internet in modern and effective way.

Ultimate Guide to Zero Trust Security

Best practices, methodologies and technologies for protecting data in a “Perimeter-Everywhere” world.

Blueprint for Securing Industrial
Control Systems

With the ever-increasing amount of cyber attacks today, enterprises are looking for advice on how to properly secure OT environments. Using the purdue model, this paper offers holistic architectural advice on securing both IT and OT environments.

The Definitive Guide to Architecting and Maintaining Robust Security in Your AWS Environment

AWS provides powerful controls to manage the security of software-defined infrastructure and cloud workloads, including virtual networks for segmentation, DDoS mitigation, data encryption, and identity and access control.

Check Point CloudGuard Adaptive Security for
Private and Public Clouds

The modern data center is undergoing rapid change. Virtualization is paving the way to the private cloud, enabling applications to be delivered at a fraction of the cost and time.

Context-Aware Architecture Integrated
Threat Prevention

The goal of integrated network security devices is prevention, but architecture constraints force many solutions to focus on detection and mitigation rather than prevention. This reactive approach to cyberattacks is costly and ineffective, complicates security operations and creates inherent gaps in security posture.

Scaling Identity Based Access Control

Users and machines are represented as Access Role objects in the security policy. Once users have logged on to the network the login event is learned by the PDP (Policy Decision Point), the matching Access Role is calculated and an identity session is created.

Identity Awareness
Reference Architecture and Best Practices

There is a wealth of contextual metadata available about network devices once they join a network. Traditional firewalls that enforce security policies defined with IP addresses are largely unaware of the user and device identities behind those IP addresses.

Understanding Identity Sharing

This document outlines details about Identity Sharing mechanism between the Policy Decision Point (PDP) and Policy Enforcement Point (PEP).

Reduce Risk Using Complementary Security

Bad actors have several avenues into your network. Users can be tricked into visiting malicious sites or opening malicious attachments.

Software-Defined Protection
Enterprise Security Blueprint

Business today is driven by free-flowing information. Corporate data travels through the cloud and mobile devices and radiates through ideas and posts in social networks.

Check Point CloudGuard for
Google Cloud Platform

Check Point CloudGuard for Google Cloud delivers comprehensive security tailored to protect public and hybrid cloud environments, allowing businesses to confidently extend their data center applications and workflows to the cloud.

Best Practice Solution Briefs

Check Point ATM Security Solution Brief

This document takes a broader view of ATM security, following the guidelines outlined in the industry standard PCI PIN Transaction Security Point of Interaction Security Requirements (PCI PTS POI) ATM Security Guidelines Information Supplement.

Check Point Solutions Brief Healthcare Cyberdefense

From a cyber-security perspective, perhaps the most vulnerable industry is the healthcare industry, which not only treats vulnerable people but is itself extremely vulnerable.

Point of Sale Security Solution Brief

The retail industry has experienced an alarming number of data and security breaches. These attacks resulted in the loss of millions of customer credit cards and personal information.

Check Point CloudGuard for
VMware NSX Solution Brief

Check Point CloudGuard for NSX brings consistent policy management and enforcement of advanced security best practice protections automatically deployed and dynamically orchestrated into software-defined NSX data center environments.

Check Point CloudGuard for
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solution Brief

CloudGuard for OCI gives organizations the confidence to securely extend their data center resources and workloads to Oracle public and hybrid clouds.

Check Point CloudGuard for
OpenStack Solution Brief

Check Point CloudGuard for OpenStack delivers industry leading threat prevention security, fully integrated and validated on OpenStack.

Check Point CloudGuard for
Microsoft Azure Solution Brief

Check Point CloudGuard for Microsoft Azure delivers advanced, multi-layered security for the Azure cloud environment, protecting assets in the cloud from attacks while enabling secure connectivity from enterprise networks to the Azure cloud.

Check Point CloudGuard for
Cisco ACI Solution Brief

Together, Cisco and Check Point provide a powerful solution that gives customers complete traffic visibility and reporting in addition to proactive protection from even the most advanced threats within virtual network environments.

Check Point CloudGuard for
Amazon Web Services Solution Brief

Check Point CloudGuard for AWS delivers comprehensive security tailored to protect public and cloud environments, so businesses can feel confident about extending their data center applications and workflows to the cloud.

Check Point CloudGuard for
Alibaba Cloud Solution Brief

Check Point CloudGuard for Alibaba Cloud delivers comprehensive security tailored to protect public and cloud environments, so businesses can feel confident about extending their data center applications and workflows to the cloud.

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