Next Generation Security Policy Management

Ensure security consistency across your entire organization. With Unified Policy Management, you have one policy for users, data, applications and networks. Each policy is also easily segmented into manageable sections, or policy layers, for easy delegation or automation of tasks.

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Unified policies for better control

With R80, policy management is unified, so you can create and monitor these policies more harmoniously, and efficiently.

  • A single policy for users, data, applications and networks reduces policy overlaps and speeds administration.
  • Policy granularity gives you fine control of traffic from the production network to the Internet.
31 percent of organizations say network security policies and controls are not cohesive

Security policies that adapt to your environment

Today’s cloud environments enable extreme agility in the delivery of applications and services and security must be equally adaptable to keep up. Our unified policy is easily segmented into manageable sections, or policy layers:

  • Policy layers can be segmented to align with, and secure, hyper-segmented  cloud networks.
  • Policy layers can be administered, automated or deployed independently for easy task delegation or automation.
security policies that adapt to your environment

How We Can Help

Policy Management

R80 Policy Management is integrated into the R80 Security Management platform. It is also available with SMART-1 Appliances. A single policy scales to manage the most complex environments, and is capable of managing millions of objects and thousands of rules.

Multi-Domain Management

For environments that require oversight over multiple domains while maintaining a complete separation of policies, administration and network traffic logs, Multi-Domain Management provides the ideal solution. Enterprises with multiple subsidiaries and Service Providers can manage security on a global level and ensure privacy for the distinct business entities they support.

Management Portal

The Management Portal Software Blade provides browser-based security management access for groups, such as technical support teams or auditors, to view policies, gateway status and user administration. This provides a valuable tool for remote troubleshooting.

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