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Real-time threat intelligence derived from hundreds of millions of sensors worldwide, enriched with AI-based engines and exclusive research data from the Check Point Research Team.

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Advanced predictive intelligence engines, data from hundreds of millions of sensors, and cutting-edge research from Check Point Research and external intelligence feed

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Zero-Day Protection

Up-to-minute information on the newest attack vectors and hacking techniques


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ThreatCloud: The Power of Shared Intelligence

ThreatCloud is Check Point’s rich cyber defense database. Its threat intelligence powers Check Point zero-day protection solutions.

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Mitigate threats 24×7 with award-winning technology, expert analysis and global threat intelligence

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2021 Cyber Security Report

Learn about latest emerging threats, malware trends and cyber security recommendations

Accelerate and Deepen Investigation with the Industry's Most Powerful Threat Intelligence

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Fighting Cyber-Crime One Research at a Time

Check Point Research publications and intelligence sharing fuel the discovery of new cyber threats and the development of the international threat intelligence community to keep you secure.

Cyber Threats to the Remote Workforce
by Check Point Research

Cyber Threats to the Remote Workforce in 2020

Part 1 of the Secure Your Remote Workforce video guide presents the most prominent trends of threats to the remote workforce. 2020 was full of COVID related attacks that took, and are still taking, advantage of the panic around the pandemic, the increased use of Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, and mainly the abrupt transition to work-from-home.

The New and Dangerous Wave of Mobile Threats

Part 5 of the Secure Your Remote Workforce video guide presents the new wave of mobile threats that are evolving in an alarming rate. With mobile phones being used to exchange corporate date more than ever before, understanding the threats is the first step to preventing them in the new normal.


What Can a Malicious Email Do?

Part 7 of the Secure Your Remote Workforce video guide presents the possible devastating outcome from a single malicious email. With email attacks being the number one delivery vehicle of malware, a single malicious email can put the entire organization at risk. The Florentine Banker reveal, detailed in this episode, illustrates how one phishing email can cost millions of dollars in losses.

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