Zero-Day Protection: Block Unknown Threats

Attacks from unknown threats pose critical risks to businesses and are the hardest to prevent. This is why many businesses rely on SOC teams to detect them after breaching their systems. This is an ineffective strategy. Check Point’s evasion-resistant technology maximizes zero-day protection without compromising business productivity. For the first time, businesses can reduce the risk of unknown attacks by implementing a prevent-first approach.

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Effective Zero-Day Protection


Translates intelligence
on Gen V threats into proactive
security intelligence


Preventing attacks is a better
strategy than detecting
threats post-breach


Unified architecture
blocks modern attacks
across all vectors

A Guide for Adopting a Threat Prevention
Approach to Cyber Security

Check Point Has Highest Security Effectiveness

Check Point achieved the highest security effectiveness score in NSS Labs Breach Prevention Systems group test. Highlights of the results include:

  • 98.4% overall security effectiveness
  • 100% block rate
  • 0% false positives

ThreatCloud: The Power
of Shared Intelligence

ThreatCloud is Check Point’s rich cyber defense database. Its threat intelligence powers Check Point’s zero-day protection solutions.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Deliver
Superior Threat Prevention

Core Threat Prevention Engines

CPU-level Threat Prevention Icon

CPU-level Threat Prevention

  • Evasion-resistant, zero-day exploit identification
  • Patented CPU-level technology is virtually impenetrable, even by nation states
  • Detects and blocks malware before evasion code can execute
Threat Emulation Icon

Threat Emulation

  • Highest accuracy scores in industry tests
  • Rapid verdicts in milliseconds
  • Comprehensive coverage of attack tactics, file-types, and operating systems
Threat Extraction Icon

Threat Extraction

  • Sanitizes files to prevent threats
  • Proactively blocks malware
  • Delivers reconstructed and safe files in seconds
AI-Powered Engines Icon

AI-Powered Engines

  • Artificial intelligence delivers state-of-the-art threat prevention
  • Analyzes thousands of threat indicators to produce accurate verdicts
  • Provides insights to help expose new malware families
Anti-Ransomware Icon


  • Prevents online extortion attacks
  • Automatically restores files encrypted by an attack
  • Works in both online and offline mode to automatically restore files
Anit-Phishing Icon


  • Blocks access to phishing websites
  • Alerts when credentials are re-used
  • Prevents account takeover

Infinity Consolidates
Security Across Vectors

Check Point Infinity is a unified security architecture that delivers real-time threat prevention of both known and
unknown threats, simultaneously protecting the network, cloud, endpoints and mobile and IoT devices.

Maximize Zero-day Protection
Without Compromising Productivity​

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