Zero-Day Protection

Check Point’s multi-layered cybersecurity technology provides Zero-Day Protection against advanced 5th generation of cyberattacks. Choose a SandBlast solution to minimize risk and run your business without disruptions.

Prevent the Next Mega Cyber Attack

The last several years have been a global wake-up call that the cyber threat landscape is shifting. Unprecedented levels of cyberattacks featuring large-scale, multi-vector mega attacks, inflicted major damage on businesses and reputations.

Today, we’re in the midst of the fifth generation of cyberattacks that are more evasive, targeted, and dangerous. To remain operationally secure, organizations require a new generation of cybersecurity, Gen V Zero-Day Protection.

Built to Prevent

Get zero-day protection and advanced threat prevention against sophisticated 5th generation of cyberattacks

Protecting All Attack Channels

End-to-end cybersecurity protection for networks, endpoints, mobile devices, and cloud-based services

Multilayer Protection

Mitigating threats at every stage of the attack chain from delivery to runtime

When It Comes to Prevention: Think
Check Point

Check Point achieved the highest security effectiveness score and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) In NSS’s labs first ever Breach Prevention System (BPS) test. Highlights of Check Point’s results:

  • Test conducted using a single consolidated 15600 gateway
  • 100% breach prevention system block rate
  • 100% protection against off-line infections
  • 0.0% false positives
  • 99.2% evasions

How to Protect Your
Organization Against
Gen V Attacks

Achieving the highest levels of cybersecurity is a top priority for IT and Security professionals worldwide. Check Point Software’s latest worldwide survey research shed light on top cybersecurity concerns, and how they could be resolved.

The survey was conducted with 443 IT and Security professionals during January and February of 2018. We asked them to walk us through their security posture, in both pre- and post-cyberattack scenarios.

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Breach Prevention System

Security Product of the Year


“SandBlast blocks malware attached to emails. No matter whether suspicious activity is occurring – SandBlast prevents it from getting in.”

-Romain Dayan, IT Security and Telecommunications Director, Edenred

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