Absolute Zero Trust Security with Check Point Infinity

With Cyber-threats existing inside and outside the security perimeter, it has become essential to adopt a Zero Trust security approach in order to keep business data protected, anywhere. Our practical, holistic approach to Zero Trust implementation enables you to avoid complexities and risks with a single consolidated Zero Trust security architecture.

Check Point Infinity

A Practical Holistic Approach to Implement Zero Trust

Across the industry, security professionals are shifting to a Zero Trust Security state-of-mind: no device, user, workload or system should be trusted by default, neither inside or outside the security perimeter. However, designing or rebuilding your security infrastructure around a Zero Trust approach using point solutions might lead to complex deployment and inherent security gaps. Check Point offers a practical and holistic approach to implement Zero Trust, based on single consolidated cyber security architecture, Check Point Infinity.


Compliance with all of the Zero Trust principles: networks, people, devices, data and workloads.


Unified security management;
Full automation and seamless integration.


Zero-day protection and advanced threat prevention against sophisticated 5th generation of cyberattacks.

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Fully Implement All Zero Trust Principles
with Check Point Infinity

Zero Trust Networks icon

Zero Trust Networks

Zero Trust security is about having the ability to “Divide and Rule” your network in order to reduce the risk of lateral movement.

Check Point Security Gateways enable you to create granular network segmentation across public/private cloud and LAN environments. With detailed visibility into the users, groups, applications, machines and connection types on your network, they allow you to set and enforce a “Least Privileged” access policy. So, only the right users and devices can access your protected assets.

Zero Trust People icon

Zero Trust People

With 81% of data breaches involving stolen credentials1, it is clear that username and passwords do no longer prove the identity of a user. Identities are easily compromised, so access control to your valuable assets must be strengthened. Check Point Identity Awareness ensures access to your data is granted only to authorized users, and only after their identities have been strictly authenticated; using Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, context-aware policies (e.g. time and geo-location of the connection), and anomaly detection.
1 2017 Verizon DBIR
Zero Trust Devices icon

Zero Trust Devices

Security teams must be able to isolate, secure, and control every device on the network at all times.

Check Point solutions enable you to block infected devices from accessing corporate data and assets, including employees’ mobile devices and workstations, iOT devices and Industrial Control Systems.

In addition, Check Point Advanced Threat Prevention for Endpoints protect employees’ devices at all times and maintain your corporate security policy on untrusted networks.

Zero Trust Workloads icon

Zero Trust Workloads

Securing workloads, particularly those who are running in the public cloud, is essential since these cloud assets (e.g. containers, functions, and VM’s) are vulnerable, and attractive target to malicious actors.

Check Point Infinity includes cloud security solutions that integrate with any public or private cloud infrastructure and provide full visibility and control over these ever changing environments; including AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, NSX, Cisco ACI, Cisco ISE, OpenStack, etc.

Zero Trust Data icon

Zero Trust Data

Zero Trust is all about protecting the data while it is shared continuously between workstations, mobile devices, application servers, databases, SaaS applications, and across the corporate and public networks.

Check Point Infinity delivers multi-layered data protection, that preemptively protects data from theft, corruption, and unintentional loss, wherever it is.

1. Data Encryption — By encrypting your data, wherever it resides, being used or transferred, you can render it useless if it is stolen.

2. Data Loss Prevention Tracks and controls data movements across the network to ensure sensitive information does not leave the organization.

3. Data Management Categorization and Classification — Classify and protect business documents and files, inside and outside your organization. Provide employees one-touch access from their mobile devices to corporate email, files, directories, etc.

Visibility & Analytics

Visibility & Analytics

You can’t protect what you can’t see or understand. A Zero Trust Security model constantly monitors, logs, correlates, and analyzes every activity across your network.
Check Point Infinity is managed via R80 Centralized Security Management which provides security teams full visibility into their entire security posture; so they can quickly detect and mitigate threats in real-time.

Automation & Orchestration

Automation & Orchestration

Zero Trust infrastructure should support automated integration with the organization’s broader IT environment to enable speed and agility, improved incident response, policy accuracy, and task delegations.

Check Point Infinity includes a rich set of APIs that support these goals, and these APIs are used by Check Point’s technology partners to develop integrated solutions. 

Efficiently Manage Zero Trust with
a Centralized Security Management
50% Improvement in Zero Trust Operational Efficiency

Cyber Security Management Single Console Unified Policy Diagram

Empower Zero Trust Security with
Real-time Threat Prevention

Threat Intelligence

Real-time Threat Intelligence immediately
translated into Proactive Security Protections

ThreatCloud: Real-Time Threat Intelligence diagram
SandBlast Zero-Day Protection

Protects your data & applications from Known and Unknown threats using advanced technologies such as Threat Emulation and Extraction, Zero Phishing, Endpoint Forensics, Zero Ransomware.

SandBlast Zero-Day logo
Engines for KNOWN threats

Intrusion Prevention, Anti-bot, Anti-virus, URL Filtering, URL Reputation, IP Reputation, Domain Reputation, Anti-phishing, Identity Awareness, DDoS

Engines for UNKNOWN threats

CPU-level Inspection, Malware DNA, Threat Emulation, Threat Extraction (CDR), Campaign Hunting (AI), Context Aware Detection (AI), Huntress (AI), Zero-phishing, Anti-ransomware, Account Takeover, Malware Evasion Resistance

ThreatCloud logo

Check Point Infinity –
a Single Consolidated Absolute Zero Trust Security Architecture

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