Check Point TAC Support Escalation Path

In case an escalation of a Service Request (SR) is required for any reason, please follow the process below.

Escalation to Manager

You can escalate to the Manager via email.

Locate the direct manager’s contact details in the Technical Support Engineer’s signature in the Service Request email.

You can also escalate to the Manager in UserCenter.

  1. Log into User Center
  2. From the navigation, select “Support” / “Help” / “View Service Requests”
  3. Open the Service Request and click the “Request Manager Escalation” button at the top right corner.

Immediate / Severity-1

1. Phone – Call the following TAC phone numbers and request to speak with the Manager on Duty:

Canada: +1 (888) 361 5030/+1 (613) 271 7950

EMEA: +44-114 478 2845

Americas: (US) +1 (972) 444-6600

Australia: 1800 805 793

New Zealand: 0800 443 601

India: 0008000507005

2. Email – Fill out the Online Escalation Form

Upon escalation, the Customer Support Senior Management will receive the email. The Manager on Duty will assume responsibility, lead the communication with the customer, and define the next steps/action plan in order to expedite resolution. For Severity-1 incidents, an internal protocol will be triggered with visibility to TAC senior management, until resolution or mitigation of the incident.

For licensing and account related issues, please contact Account Services.

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