Professional Services

As your security infrastructure becomes more complicated, our Professional Services experts can help every step of the way. We’ve accumulated many years of Check Point experience to help with your security design, deployment, operation and optimization needs.

How We Can Help

Design your security environment

Your security infrastructure needs frequent updating so you can adapt to changing threats. Whether you need to design a new topology or plan for a new project, our professional services experts have the right experience to start your project off right. Armed with this information, you can deliver more effective security with predictable costs and time scales.

Deploy rapidly to maximize ROI

Getting the most value from your security investments means getting them up and running quickly. We offer a few services to accelerate deployments: for new installs and another to make lifecycle upgrades seamless and cost-effective.

Operate security systems effectively

Whether you choose an expert Check Point account manager or invest in a custom training program to level-up your in-house expertise, we deliver deep knowledge and expert guidance to tune your security infrastructure. You will benefit from performance reporting, configuration reviews, architecture validation and many other security operations best practices.

Optimize for maximum performance

Periodic optimization of your security infrastructure will help you detect and prevent more threats and lower the total cost of ownership on previous security investments. Our SmartOptimize service boosts security performance while minimizing exposure to emerging risks. Or choose a health check to receive a detailed performance assessment and recommendations to address coverage gaps.