Security Assessment

Security Assessment provides a quick “checks and balances” to ensure your Check Point Security solution is operating as designed, and offers opportunities to increase your security capacity.

Check the performance of your Check Point Security solution

Identify internal and external vulnerability points

  • SmartCenter global properties review
  • Check Point rulebase review
  • VPN access configuration review

Evaluate software configuration and issues

  • Operating system review
  • Process load level review
  • CPU specifications review

Recommend changes to increase security capacity

  • Rulebase consolidation
  • Parameters that need attention
  • Hardware-scalability issues

Check Point will work on-site and off-site to optimize your environment

During on-site days, your Check Point expert will:

  • Meet with global network key engineers and analyze the initial information
  • Review the configuration of essential firewall components
  • Review SmartCenter Global Properties and Remote VPN access configuration
  • Test the environment with the customer

Off-site data analysis

After the initial data collection, your expert will work off-site and perform the following activities:

  • Consult with Check Point Research & Development and key technical persons about how to improve your environment
  • Create a custom report with the findings including recommendations and corrective actions
  • Create an action plan including suggestions to achieve increased security performance

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