Our time-saving Product Upgrade program helps quickly upgrade your Check Point security solutions to realize increased security potential and ROI.


Realize immediate ROI with our Product Upgrade Program

Shortens Check Point upgrade timeframes

  • Customized planning based on your architecture
  • Reduced upgrade downtime
  • Delivers key knowledge and skills

Enjoy a faster ROI

  • Increase the security and benefits of your Software Blades
  • Testing and validation ensures maximum operating capacity
  • Productivity validation ensures the success of your Upgrade

Learn essential Software Blade knowledge

  • Apply Professional Services expert knowledge and tools
  • Follow step-by-step Upgrade and Maintenance guidelines
  • Gain knowledge and skills to realize immediate ROI

Upgrade your Check Point Appliances

  • Ensure the success of Check Point upgrades
  • Upgrade to any kind of appliance, including 61000
  • Maximum benefits and ROI


Upgrade Planning

Planning is critical for success. Our consultants will determine the best path for each customer based on several upgrade choices. After designing the best platform architecture, we create a high-level upgrade plan for previous-to-current versions of Check Point products.


Validation of upgrade procedures according to the plan with sanity tests, timing activity and roll-back plans. Your consultant will also provide instructions about how to restore your system to its original configuration.


A Check Point consultant will be physically present during the cutover window (with our partner/distributor when applicable) to ensure your upgrade is timely, efficient, and according to the plan. We will provide a sign-off report that meets your requirements and details the Upgrade.


Following the execution of your Upgrade, we help monitor the environment to validate its productivity before applying further changes.

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