SmartOptimize delivers a comprehensive multi-point checklist that boosts network security and performance while minimizing exposure to emerging risks. This service is available in three levels — Basic, Premium and Premium-Onsite.


Get improved security gateway performance

Enhance your existing network security without increasing its size

  • Clean-up and consolidate your rulebase
  • Discover and repair your security vulnerabilities
  • Tune-up and simplify your Security Management

Respond to change quickly

  • Install new policies faster to plug security gaps
  • Enable new capabilities rapidly to meet customer and employee demands
  • Easily accommodate evolving users, devices and BYOD

Improve the cost-effectiveness of your security as a whole

  • Increase the capacity of your existing security up to 3 times
  • Align network security and business strategies to achieve operational excellence
  • Increase speed to access resources

SmartOptimize analyzes 1 management gateway/policy (CMA, SmartCenter)


Rulebase Optimization

Identifies total rules, their optimization potential disabled rules, DNS rules, unnamed rules, time rules, stealth rules and clean-up rules.

Database Objects Optimization

Object database affects policy installation time performance. Reviews total objects, global objects, local, unused, duplicated and nested objects.

Anti-Spoofing on Gateways

Identifies the interfaces that need attention on anti-spoofing configurations.

IPS Protections Review (for SmartOptimize Premium and above)

Identifies the status and percentage of protections, the protected gateways and details about their protection levels.

Policy Risk Analysis (for SmartOptimize Premium and above)

Performs a series of tests seeking rules that mis-use “Any” to avoid potential security risks.

SecureXL Policy Optimization

Identifies the gateways policies, their total number of rules and rules that will be disabled by SecureXL.

Stealth and Clean-up Rules

Identifies rules with optimization potential. Includes rules to clean-up, consolidate and merge.

System Health Check

Checks disk usage, memory usage, license, contract, users, anti-spoofing, global properties and assigned policies.

Logged Rules Analysis (for SmartOptimize Premium and above)

Displays your most-often used logged rules and their connections, least-often used rules and disabled rules.

On-Site Optimization (for SmartOptimize On-Site)

Get our comprehensive 9-point check-up plus 2 days on-site expert care for the fastest remediation and optimization of your security network.

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