Your designated Technical Account Manager leverages over 10 years of IT Security best practices to deliver proactive, custom support that will increase your resources, minimize your risks and maximize your security investment.


IT Security Administrators need the type of technical support that goes beyond a break-fix solution.

A dedicated ATAM consultant with a deep level of technical expertise, product knowledge and industry experience, will be assigned. They will guarantee all your products are configured for optimal performance and provide consistent guidance about the best use of your Check Point products.

The Service

Your designated ATAM consultant can perform any of the following Check Point support activities:

  • Design and Architecture consulting services
  • Support during upgrades/migration/maintenance windows, either on-site or remote assistance
  • Assistance and enablement of software blades
  • Proactive Health Checks and Best Practices
  • Optimization and fine tuning
  • Coordination with R&D, TAC, and PS consultants on upcoming projects
  • Review of high severity/critical service requests to ensure proper handling and attention

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