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Knowledge Base Overview

Check Point’s Secure Knowledge™ (Knowledge Base) is a repository of knowledge articles including solutions and answers to technical issues and questions related to Check Point products.

This invaluable repository allows us to share lessons learned and to effectively promote use of Check Point’s product and technology knowledge, thus resulting in improved performance and customer satisfaction as well as providing self-training material.

SecureKnowledge™ includes:

  • Release Kit SKs – everything you need to know about a specific Check Point release
  • Find answers – find a resolution for a specific error/issue
  • “How to” articles – How To/Best practices articles for advanced configurations scenarios
  • “ATRG” Articles – Advanced Technical Reference Guide, how Check Point products work, flow of processes and how to debug the different products

Check Point’s SecureKnowledge is maintained by our Technical Services organization, and contains answers to many of the common problems and questions submitted to Check Point TAC.

We recommend using our SecureKnowledge prior to opening a case with Check Point TAC. To help us improve the quality and usefulness of the content, we encourage you to rate the SecureKnowledge (SK) and/or add your comment.

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