Are you ready to take your support to the next level? Is your support reactive or proactive? In today’s connected world security administrators must always be on and operating at full force, reaction times are crucial for business integrity. Handling technical issues after the fact is simply a thing of the past. Check Point PRO support ensures smooth operations of all IT and business needs by instantly being made aware of any and all risks. Welcome to Check Point PRO –– Get proactive support today.

Proactive Daily Monitoring
Proactive Ticket Creation
Professional Reporting


Check Point PRO Support combines security expertise and machine intelligence to monitor your management and security gateways daily and identify points of failure before they occur.
When a severe issue is detected, a Check Point PRO expert proactively contacts you to help resolve the issue and prevent service downtime. Check Point PRO also provides you with a comprehensive report, delivering an overview of your overall security, diagnostics and actionable insights.


Data gathered from your security gateways and management servers is analyzed and consolidated in an actionable report for easy reading. Learn to take preventive measures by using your actionable report and stay protected. You’ll also be able to get the jump on analyzing trends from the automated tracking of incidences and resolutions that Check Point PRO support provides.

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