Check Point SecureAcademy™ is a comprehensive Cyber Security academic program for institutions of higher learning. Check Point and SecureAcademy™ partners share a common goal, to promote and enhance career and educational opportunities for students around the world. Check Point develops detailed Cyber Security courseware, instructor materials, and marketing support, while SecureAcademy™ partners provide professional instructors, facilities, and training resources as the main education contacts for students.

Check Point Infinity: The Cyber Security Architecture of the Future Is Here

Program Overview

What is the SecureAcademy program?
Check Point SecureAcademy is a comprehensive Cyber Security academic program for accredited institutions of higher learning.  Colleges and institutions offer Check Point security solutions as an integrated part of their existing curriculum to increase students’ knowledge in cyber security while helping students transition from classroom to career path.

Why join the SecureAcademy program?
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is the worldwide leader in securing the Internet. Making Internet communications and critical data secure, reliable and available everywhere has been and continues to be our ongoing vision.

Through partnering with Check Point, colleges and institutions of higher learning are dedicated to provide global education on Cyber Security to students around the world.  Through our partnership, students gain the ability to recognize and resolve IT security threats, experience with the industry-leading security solutions, and employable skills to protect the world’s networks.

SecureAcademy partners receive exclusive benefits, tools and resources to promote the institution, Cyber Security courses and certifications, including:

  • FREE training materials that  promote in-demand job skills for students
  • FREE annual membership
  • FREE certification exam voucher for instructors
  • FREE software licenses
  • Employment opportunities at Check Point and/or its affiliates
  • Communications on training and tools
  • Newsletters and Cyber Security Community forums
  • Listed as SecureAcademy partner to increase student enrollment
  • Access to partner portal for instructor materials, marketing, advertising tools and more…

Join our mission to provide global education on Cyber Security to prepare today’s students with the vital technology skills needed to protect our future.  Accredited colleges, universities, post-secondary schools, and technical and trade institutions that provide career specific educational programs, either degreed or continuing education are eligible to apply.  To become a Check Point SecureAcademy partner, the following is required:

  • Program Application
  • Program Contract
  • Each instructor must have a trainer or teaching certification
  • Maintain at least one (1) Check Point certified instructor (minimum CCSA of current version; CCSE is preferred) per location
  • Instructor must be certified on specific product and product version of course
  • Individual workstations for each student
  • Submit student roster
  • All authorized training classes must use Check Point developed courseware and supplemental materials; courseware available in electronic format only

SecureAcademy FAQs

SecureAcademy Program Overview Brochure



Course Overview

Check Point SecureAcademy offers a course that teaches students how to install, configure, and manage Check Point Security solutions as part of the Check Point Infinity architecture. In this course, students will:

  • Gain an understanding of the Gaia operating system and Check Point Infinity products
  • Learn how to install and configure the Gaia operating system
  • Design, create, and apply Security Policies
  • Create Security Policy rules and layers with network and service objects
  • Recognize, execute, and apply various software blade Security Policies
  • Understand communication and how synchronization works for cluster members
  • Comprehend and apply features of multi-core firewalls for traffic acceleration
  • Design Remote Access VPNs
  • Apply and test the configuration of a site-to-site VPN

…and so much more

This course will prepare students to challenge the Check Point Security Administrator R80 exam.



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“The Checkpoint SecureAcademy™ Program provides a new model of how to learn and view security technologies, as well as, how to best prepare our students for IT deployment.  This is a great relationship for our academy.”
                –Carlos Santos, Ainet Associação dos Instrutores NetAcademy


“Check Point certifications make technology professionals more likely to get hired, demonstrate clear business impact and advance students careers.  Check Point has been the best partner in terms of enablement, support, and partner compensation.  Over the past few years, the Check Point story with new courses and synergies is coming out really well for our students.  We are happy to have a strong relationship with Check Point.”
               –Dr. Miteshkumar Salariya, ISHA Computer



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