Check Point SecureAcademy™ provides worldwide cyber security education through partnerships with higher learning institutions. Collaborate with Check Point to prepare today’s students with the vital technology skills they need to secure our future!


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Through the use of comprehensive labs, students gain experience to recognize and resolve attacks.


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Program Overview

Check Point SecureAcademy™ is a comprehensive Cyber Security academic program for institutions of higher learning. Institutions offer Check Point security solutions as an integrated part of their existing curriculum to increase students’ knowledge in cyber security. These partnerships share a common goal, to promote and enhance educational and career opportunities for students around the world.

Through partnering with Check Point, colleges and institutions of higher learning are dedicated to provide global education on Cyber Security to students around the world. Through our partnership, students gain the ability to recognize and resolve IT and OT security threats, experience with the industry- leading security solutions, and employable skills to protect the world’s Enterprise and Critical Infrastructure networks.


  • Program application
  • Program contract
  • Instructor must have Teaching/Trainer Certification
  • Instructor must obtain Check Point Security Administration (CCSA) certification
  • Instructor must be certified on specific product and product version of course
  • Course must be offered once or more per year within one year of enrollment
  • Individual workstations for each student
  • Course/student roster
  • All authorized training classes must use Check Point developed courseware and supplemental materials; courseware available in electronic format only



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Course Overview

Check Point SecureAcademy offer courses that introduce students to cybersecurity and how to install, configure, and manage Check Point Security solutions. Our courses are designed to provide students with hands-on experience via our comprehensive labs, exposing students to real-world experiences.

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Cyber Security Fundamentals

In this course, students will:

  • Discover what cybersecurity is and its impact
  • Learn about all five generation of cybersecurity attacks
  • Understand cybersecurity risks in Cloud Infrastructures, ICS/SCADA networks & Mobile Devices
  • Attack prevention vs. detection
  • Perform inspection and protection of networks, data, and devices
  • Detect and react to threats to information assets
  • Examine pre- and post-incident procedures

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Check Point Certified Security Administration

In this course, students will:

  • Understand Check Point operating system and Check Point Infinity products
  • Learn how to install and configure the Gaia operating system
  • Determine the levels of protections and response to security incidents
  • Create Security Policy rules and layers with network and service objects
  • Recognize, execute, and apply various software blade Security Policies
  • Understand communication and how synchronization works for cluster members
  • Comprehend and apply features of multi-core firewalls for traffic acceleration

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Check Point Certified Automation Specialist

In this course, students will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Check Point API architecture
  • Understand how CP APIs are used to manage your CP Security Management solutions
  • Learn how to use CP APIs to automate tasks and orchestrate workflow behind self-service web portals
  • Discover how to use API scripts to manage environments and perform daily tasks to improve productivity
  • Understand how to use the Bash Shell to develop APIs
  • Describe open-source tools that are available to assist with API development
  • Understand common script issues and how to troubleshoot and debug APIs

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