Security Consulting

Today’s attacks can target multiple entry points simultaneously and in a coordinated fashion. Understanding this challenge can require expert guidance. Check Point’s security consultants and analysts will help you understand your threat environment and recommend how best to improve your security architecture.

With the number of known and unknown malware that companies receive daily, it is imperative to continuously improve the state of your security program. With decades of hands-on experience securing the world’s largest organizations, the Check Point team can explain the importance and impact of the threats you face and make practical recommendations for improving the security posture of your organization.

Vertical Expertise

Financial Services

Trust is the key to the global financial services community. Companies in this space invest in security technologies, but don’t necessarily use them to prevent attacks effectively.

Check Point is uniquely positioned to help financial services companies address advanced threats, optimize investments and, leverage intelligence and information sharing effectively.


Recent ransomware outbreaks in the healthcare industry have demonstrated that hospitals need to re-think their security architectures.

Check Point has the ability to implement and manage the most advanced protections without introducing undue burden on existing resources and budgets.

Critical Infrastructure

For many critical infrastructure and manufacturing companies, physical separation has been the primary approach to cyber security. Recent incidents have demonstrated this is not effective.

Check Point supports power companies and manufacturers can provide unique guidance around advanced segmentation and threat prevention strategies.

How We Can Help

Security CheckUp

Scan a network segment with an on-network device to identify attack traffic and risky network behavior.

Multiple options to match your needs including; a one-time CheckUp, a recurring five CheckUp bundle and an advanced CheckUp with threat Analysis.

Architecture Review

Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your security architecture with Check Point’s Security Workshop.

Workshop is an exclusive and focused two-to-three-day discussion that reviews all aspects of your security strategy.

Incident Response

When the worst happens and you get attacked, trust Check Point to analyze the event and help your organization recover quickly.

We offer a range of threat analysis and attack mitigation services.

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