Enterprise Security
Architecture Workshops

Check Point has always believed in extending proper, correct, and impartial security advice to our customers, and the value of being trusted as security architectural advisors. Our dedicated team of architects focus on supporting your security strategy through open-forum workshops and enterprise architectural practices.


CESF enterprise security framework cycle

Check Point Enterprise
Security Framework

Underpinning all our enterprise workshops is adherence to a set of proven design principles developed to guide architectural teams from business requirement to complete security solutions.

These principles form the basis of the Check Point Enterprise Security Framework (CESF). We took methodologies such as SABSA and Zero Trust, and re-interpreted them to answer our customers’ security architectural requirements.

The Check Point Enterprise Security Framework allows any enterprise security team to develop a secure architecture using a formulated, accountable, and comprehensive process.

Enterprise Security Architecture Workshop

The Enterprise Architecture Workshop is an exclusive and focused single day meeting, with Check Point enterprise architects, to openly discuss and review all aspects of your existing, and future, security architecture. In scope are business processes, security strategy, deployment, design, and architecture, along with the day-to-day operational challenges and process.

The result of the workshop is a customized security architecture that ensures our clients are protected by appropriate security controls through a proven and accountable design. The workshop report recommendations ways to lower operational costs, consolidate controls, and streamline operations regarding maintenance, monitoring and management.

Cloud Transformation Workshop

Digital transformation is all around us, as security professionals, it is the defining statement of our time and is shaping the cyber security landscape. A complex digital future challenges existing long-held operational models and established fundamental business processes.

Check Point use a workshop designed specially around cloud transformation as the core vehicle
to support this strategic goal.



Security Workshop timeline diagram

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