Security Architecture Review Workshop

Our trusted and reliable security experts understand your operational challenges, pain points, daily tasks and the work flows that your teams follow to manage your security program. Through an open discussion between your team and our Check Point team we gain a full understanding of your infrastructure and the overall security operations.


Better Security Starts With a Strong Architecture

  • Identify and cover immediate security gaps using existing security controls
  • Consolidate security functions onto fewer devices to reduce operational overhead
  • Leverage threat intelligence from internal and external sources to quickly respond to known threats
  • Move security controls closer to the relevant assets to provide more focused security


Focused Security Review

The Security Architecture Review Workshop is a focused one to two day customer engagement to openly discuss and review all aspects of existing security services, as well as deployment, design, architecture, along with the day to day operational challenges unique to managing your customer environment.

  • Customer goals and review of operational, engineering and network architecture elements
  • Review of technical controls: access control, virtualization, mobility, cloud and remote access
  • Validation and conclusions

Gain Additional Insight with a Threat Assessment

Augment your Architecture Review with the addition of the Check Point Threat Assessment service. Through the use of a device on your network, Check Point’s experts will provide detail on actual threats discovered within your environment, including: malware, exploits, data loss, high-risk applications and web browsing, endpoint and mobile risks as well as bandwidth analysis.

Security Blueprint

The output of the process is a blueprint designed to ensure that all critical assets are protected by the appropriate security controls. Recommendations also address ways to lower operational costs, consolidate controls and reduce operational time around maintenance, monitoring and management.

  • Executive level summary of the short and long term issues that need to be addressed
  • Detailed technical solution offering that is based on the workshop discussions and understanding
  • A bill of materials that includes refreshing and/or consolidating the entire security solution estate over a multi-year period
  • A total cost of ownership calculation to assist with budgetary planning

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