Our most advanced technical 3-day course teaches how to use advanced commands to configure and troubleshoot Check Point Security Systems. Multiple hands-on lab exercises teach how to bring optimization techniques back to your workplace.

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Course Description

Learn How To

  • Identify issues and problems using commands
  • Locate the source of encryption failures
  • Identify potentially mis-configured VPNs
  • Reduce IPS false positives
  • Troubleshoot SecureXL and ClusterXL


  • CCSE or equivalent knowledge
  • Windows Server, UNIX and networking skills and TCP/IP experience
  • Working knowledge of network and internet technology

How You Will Benefit

  • Bypass wait times and fast track to a support engineer
  • Compare your policy to rules that degrade performance
  • Tune your systems to improve acceleration of traffic
  • Improve load capacity through optimization
  • Improve logging efficiency
  • Examine how rules and objects affect optimization
  • Optimize network performance
Exam Information

EXAM #156-115.77

What You Need To Know

  • How policy changes impact chain module behavior
  • Identify the source of UGI client connectivity problems
  • Troubleshoot Secure Internal Communication issues
  • Configure VPN Tunnel Interface
  • Deploy IPv6 in a local environment
  • Use commands to clear the connections table
  • Configure Open Shortest Path First
  • Troubleshoot NAT stages
  • Identify connections in ClusterXL debug file


Get Ready

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