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Check Point and Armis’ joint solution for IoT security enables organizations to reduce exposure to the cyber-risk of IoT devices, without disrupting business operations.


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Armis and Check Point’s Integrated Solution

Enterprises are adding many different kinds of unmanaged and IoT devices. Many of them run on unpatched software, are misconfigured, or use unsecured communication protocols, which makes them extremely vulnerable and easy to hack. Most traditional security products can’t see these devices, and the ones that can often don’t know what to do with them because they can’t identify them accurately. You need more than just an IP address to tackle threats in a way that’s effective but not disruptive to critical equipment like medical and manufacturing devices.

Learn How the Solution Works

Video: Armis + Check Point integrated IoT security solution

Watch the video to learn how the integrated solution combines Armis and Check Point’s strengths to one powerful IoT security solution.

By combining Armis asset discovery, device behavior tracking, and continuous vulnerability assessment capabilities with Check Point’s security policy management and security gateways, our joint solution enables organizations to reduce exposure to the cyber-risk of IoT devices, without disrupting business operations; and across any environment, including enterprise, industrial, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Armis discovers unmanaged and IoT devices connected to your environment and provides the Check Point Security Management granular visibility into their attributes such as manufacturer, model, operating system, and MAC address. Furthermore, device risk analysis and a contextual understanding of its behavior are additional information that is provided.

Using the Check Point Security Management, you can configure a security policy based on these devices’ attributes, and even leverage auto-generated policies. This allows you to reduce your risk proactively by ensuring your security gateway has a policy for any device in your environment; one that automatically adapts to any changes in its attributes, behavior and risk level.

Armis and Check Point joint solution allows setting granular security rules that restrict traffic to and from IoT devices only to proprietary IoT protocols, applications and legitimate communication patterns (as defined by the device manufacturer for example). You can also set a policy to alert on anomalies in device behaviors/communication patterns. Armis and Check Point joint solution offers a separate policy management layer, just for your IoT devices so that you can avoid confusion and conflicts with the security policies of your entire network.

Example policy use cases:

  • Prevent medical imaging devices from communicating with nurse workstations.
  • Prevent HVAC systems from communicating with payroll systems.
  • Prevent badge readers from communicating with HRIS.

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