Check Point + VMware

A new approach that optimizes branch Wide Area Networking (WAN) connectivity, is cost-effective, easy to maintain and always up to date with the latest security is needed.

It’s time to rethink how security is delivered to remote branch offices.


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Check Point Security and VMware SD-WAN Securing the Branch SD-WAN Connection to the Cloud

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NSS Top-Rated Threat Prevention with 100% Cyber Attack Catch Rate

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Five-Minutes to Protect your SD-WAN from the Cloud or On-Premises

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Unified security architecture reduces OpEx costs up to 50% and CapEx by 20%

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Cloud Network Security
as a Service

Branch and retail locations where space is limited
and there are no local IT resources

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On-Premise Virtual
Security Gateway

Branches where data-location or network traffic
privacy require on-premise security

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Secure SD-WAN with Check Point and VMware: A Case Study

Check Point and VMware have partnered to provide SD-WAN connectivity and security solutions that can be quickly deployed across all of your branch offices, without impacting performance.

Tune into the replay to learn how Grace, a global chemical company, secures their VMware SD-WAN with Check Point Security.


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Protect your Network Edge with VMware
SD-WAN and Check Point

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Listen to the presentation titled A Two-Pronged Approach to a Strategic Network Edge to learn how Check Point and VMware provide SD-WAN security and performance to help you achieve an intelligent network edge.


Quickly Secure Thousands of Branches

Branch Office SD-WAN site deployment is fully automated using Check Point Security APIs. This lets you provision and secure thousands of sites within minutes.

With Check Point SD-WAN Security, network administrators can easily monitor and optimize security for VMware SD-WAN. Through the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator integration with Check Point, security is automated and trouble-free.


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Achieve Secure Connectivity to the Cloud
with Check Point and VMware

Achieve Secure Connectivity with VMware video thumbnail

Watch the video to learn more about the future of SD-WAN and the importance of securing SD-WAN connections to the cloud, without impacting performance.


Security as a Cloud Service: Check Point
and SD-WAN Integration

Tune into the VMware SD-WAN podcast Security as a Cloud Service: Check Point and SD-WAN Integration today to learn how Check Point and VMware provide strong, secure branch office connectivity.


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“Securing SD-WAN connections to the cloud is essential given today’s advanced cyber threats. We’re excited to partner with Check Point to help drive the transformation in connecting branches to the cloud.”

– Sanjay Uppal, VMware Vice President and GM of VeloCloud

2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust for the Age of Remote, Cloud and BYOD


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Harmony Connect: Secure Internet Access

Learn best practices for securing users and data as you adopt a hybrid workforce in 2022. See how a unified secure web gateway and firewall-as-a-service deliver the highest standards of security and productivity.


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