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Andrade Gutierrez Construction

Andrade Gutierrez (AG) is one of Brazil’s largest heavy construction firms with projects throughout Latin America and Europe. A sampling of its contracts includes irrigation tunnels through the Andes Mountains, a highway in Peru, a bridge in Ecuador, a breakwater and terminal for the port of Santos (Brazil), and subways in Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo. In 2004, the company recorded a net profit 41 percent higher than in 2003 and 116 percent higher than in 2002.

Customer Needs Met

  • Consolidate communications of all offices
  • Make VoIP communications a reality
  • Guarantee security for the entire network
  • Simplify security management
We chose Check Point for integration and ease of management through SmartCenter Pro. I don’t need more than one piece of software to manage network security.
Maurilio Figueiredo
Systems Analyst
Andrade Gutierrez


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