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Andrew Perkins

Andrew Perkins’ Check Point certification is a sure sign of superior customer service, expertise, and dedication. With it, his clients and employers know they will get a balance of expertise gained from product usage and knowledge gained from certification. With his first Check Point certification in 2003, Andrew continues his quest for Check Point knowledge. Why? Because “Check Point is the leader in the firewall market and continues to produce the best products on the market today”.

Customer Profile

  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Check Point Certifications: CCSA, CCSE, CCSE+, CCMSE, CCMSE VSX, CPSC, CPACE, CCMA, CCSM

Describe your most significant success with Check Point security solutions

A client wanted a security solution to help protect an ecommerce website. I installed and configured a multi-node high capacity Check Point firewall cluster to protect the website whilst being able to handle millions of concurrent connections. The solution was deployed and verified by load testing equipment and manual penetration testing of the website via the Check Point solution. I was then able to tune the Check Point firewalls to handle the huge amount of simultaneous web connections and provide unparalleled security for a very satisfied client.

If I am not learning then I am standing still, or even going backwards. By completing Check Point certifications I am able to stay at the top of my game and keep abreast of developments in firewall technologies by the world leader, Check Point.
Andrew Perkins
Cyber Security Consultant

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