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Anonymous Petroleum Company

As the largest liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) importer in China, its business covers production, distribution, as well as the sale of oil, natural gas, and other industrial chemicals such as ethylene. It is the first foreign company to provide liquefied natural gas mains and end services for Chinese customers; the only one to obtain a business license to supply aviation fuel nationwide; and the only one to have established strategic partnerships with major airlines as well as local airports. The company also launched business alliances with large petrochemical companies such as China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Sinopec Corporation, establishing joint ventures in Guangzhou, Liaoning, and Zhuhai provinces.

Customer Needs Met

  • Secure Internet access for branch offices
  • Secure point-of-sale connections to central information systems
  • Secure connection to business partners
  • Highly reliable network for business continuity
With advanced Check Point INSPECT and SmartDefense technologies, this solution ensures that data flow is inspected at every level—the operating system kernel, the data link layer, the network layer, and the application layer.
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