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Australian Non- Profit

A leading Australian national community services organization, dedicated to helping people regain their independence, deployed Microsoft Azure to improve access to their CRM system.  Securing sensitive client information as well as their cloud infrastructure was paramount.  The team sought a cloud security solution that could improve secure access, provide high availability, elastic scalability and was easy to manage and provision. The non-profit team found this in check Point vSEC for Microsoft Azure.

Customer Profile

  • The Australian non-profit is a community service organization that helps people regain their independence.
  • Its staff members work across Australia on initiatives that include affordable housing, reducing homelessness, and early learning.

Total access, Simplified management and High availability Security

  • Successfully secured user access from all locations giving users a flexibility in choice of devices
  • Simplified security management and network flows with deeper visibility into cloud traffic and reduced provisioning time
  • Achieved high availability and scalability to expand security capacity as the cloud environment grows
As our (Microsoft) Azure network evolves, we can easily adapt Check Point vSEC with it. We’re designing a second data center, and we’re able to confidently deploy services going forward in a secure, manageable way.

Infrastructure Architect
Australian Non-Profit


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