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Courtagen Life Sciences

Courtagen Life Sciences has decades of experience as a leader in genomic services. The organization is relentlessly focused on applying next-generation sequencing technology to help patients and doctors drive personalized, precision medicine. To free its staff to concentrate on this key mission, Courtagen outsources its network and communications infrastructure. Amazon Web Services play an integral role in supporting the firm’s operations. This cloud-based solution provides agility and cost savings, along with scalability and support for users worldwide. But to be successful, the solution must also provide comprehensive security and support regulatory compliance.

Customer Profile

  • Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. offers innovative genomic and proteomic products and services for physicians and the diagnostics industry
  • Its tools and resources help clinicians make better decisions regarding patient care
  • Founded in 2012, Courtagen is privately-held and based in Woburn, MA

Cost-effective - Secure - Compliant

  • VPN and mobile access support Courtagen’s dynamic workforce
  • Seamless support for Amazon Web Services enables Courtagen to take full advantage of cloud capabilities
  • Robust security including access control and IPS helps ensure security compliance of Amazon environment
From a network operations standpoint, we are spending less than 2 percent of our expenses to run and manage all of our cloud infrastructure, as well as our internal network and user support. With cloud computing, secured by Check Point solutions, we can leverage world class infrastructure that we would never be able to build on our own as a startup.
Jason Warner, Ph.D.
Director of Bioinformatics
Courtagen Life Sciences


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