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David Leonard

Without his Check Point certification, David Leonard doubts he would be in the position he is in today. First Check Point certified in 2001, David was progressively promoted to bigger titles with more responsibilities. Today David is in charge of all pre-sales and post-sales activities and maintains the Collaborative Support Provider and Appliance Collaborative Support business. A firm believer of Check Point certifications, he requires all his engineers to maintain the CCSA at minimum.

Customer Profile

  • Engineering Manager since 2012
  • Collaborative Support Provider (CSP), Appliance Collaborative Support Provider (ACSP)
  • Check Point Certifications: CCSA, CCSE, CCMA, CCSM

Describe your most significant success with Check Point security solutions.

We have a customer right now with a pair of Check Point 13500’s (HPP package, running R77.20) with Firewall, IPS, and App Control running 300,000 to 500,000 concurrent sessions and 3.5Gbps traffic. We are currently deploying another pair of 21400’s (HPP package with SAM card, running R77.20) dedicated to VoIP and Video conferencing for a major company. I have another pair of Check Point gateways in front of the mainframe at a major Fortune 100 company. All traffic to the mainframe goes through the Check Point gateway.

Having the certification has increased my status with peers, and most people think twice before questioning a solution or recommendation I make.
David Leonard
Manager of Engineering
Mission Critical Systems, Inc.

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