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Edwards Lifescience

Defeating cardiovascular disease is the life’s work of the more than 5,000 men and women of Edwards Lifesciences, a global leader in products and technologies for treating heart and circulatory problems. Every year, 70,000 people in the United States alone receive new heart valves—the vast majority made by Edwards. In operating rooms and intensive care units the world over, Edwards brand monitoring devices measure heart pressure and blood volume.

Customer Needs Met

  • Compliance with HIPAA, SOX, and other government regulations
  • Attack protection for thousands of desktops
  • Access policy enforcement to ensure PCs meet trust criteria for network access
  • Ease of management
One of the requirements that we have built into our 2005 security policy manual is that all vendors accessing our network will also need to have some type of Integrity client.
Mark Schaefer
Information Security and Windows, Infrastructure Group Manager
Edwards Lifesciences


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