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Eli Faskha

Supporting customers’ security systems carries a lot of responsibility –a single mistake can open a very costly vulnerability. Knowing this, Eli Faskha first became Check Point Certified in 2000. His certification opened the door for C-level discussions and helped him win larger contracts. With his certification, he has built a large VAR business in Central America, working on many complex, mission-critical security implementations.

Customer Profile

  • President, Soluciones Seguras since 2000
  • Authorized Training Center Instructor
  • Check Point Certifications: CCSA, CCSE, CCSE+, CCSI, CCMA, CCSM

Describe your most significant success with Check Point security solutions

One of the largest banks in Honduras was re-architecting their security and communications infrastructure. We designed a multi-layer architecture with a perimeter and a WAN cluster running on open servers and Edge devices protecting their almost 100 branches. An on-site engagement allowed us to implement both clusters within a week, and centrally manage all branch Edges from the same SmartCenter. We implemented ISP redundancy in all of the systems –in the perimeter, in the WAN, and in each branch office. The fully redundant system was centrally managed and able to support their security needs for almost 10 years. We are now migrating to Check Point 1100 devices in the branches and implementing Next Generation Threat Protection in the perimeter devices.

Empirical experience gave me an understanding of how the system works, but certification allowed me to understand the inner workings of the Check Point system, and discover features I didn’t know existed. I also learned better practices to deal with my customers’ security implementations.
Eli Fakhsa
Soluciones Seguras


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