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International Fund for Animal Welfare

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) began four decades ago and has grown to become the world’s leading international animal welfare organization. With a support base of over two million contributors worldwide, IFAW connects government leaders, communities, and similar organizations together to accomplish real solutions for animal safety and environmental conservation. With offices on every continent except for Antarctica, IFAW has a broad base of support, which includes legal and political experts as well as internationally recognized scientists, to tackle global preservation and animal welfare challenges.

Customer Needs Met

  • Eliminated the need to manage multiple security agents
  • Reduced administration time and effort
  • Simplified deployment
Check Point Endpoint Security allowed us to integrate all environments and it provides, frankly what I think, is the best level of total end-to-end security of any solution that’s out there.
Paul Ponte
Network Engineer
The International Fund for Animal Welfare


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