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Mattias Thomsen

Achieving Check Point Certified Master Architect sealed Mattias’ position as one of the best in the field. His preparation gave him a better understanding of the Check Point machine and increased his professional effectiveness. Mattias believes that learning – improving and breaking new ground – is also a primary goal behind science and technology. “As Check Point Software Technologies is at the forefront of development, I need to continually be learning to stay sharp.”

Customer Profile

  • Security System Engineer
  • NetDesign AS
  • Check Point Certifications: CCSA, CCSE, CCSE+, CCMA, CCSM

Describe your most significant success with Check Point security solutions.

I have many, but a few stand out. One in particular was a financial customer with more than 400 gateway appliances that built VPN-security on top of MPLS, separating 50+ domains into individual security zones. All is now running smoothly and managed by Check Point Multi Domain Security Management. The ease it has managing that many firewalls is astonishing. Another great success is working with VSX, which lately has become very popular. We have customers in all ranges starting to virtualize with VSX, and Check Point makes it incredibly easier to manage than any other players in the field! By creating new firewalls in minutes, I am adding value to all setups and answering the demand for quick and agile deployment.

Certification is a certain proof of my abilities, even beyond my considerable hands-on experience. Being able to boast a higher level of certification and know-how than others has naturally brought forth extra interest from prospective customers and projects. My time as a commodity has become much more valuable.
Mattias Thomsen
Security System Engineer
NetDesign AS

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