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MBM Computer System Solutions

MBM Computer System Solutions has been headquartered in Troy, Michigan since 1985. MBM serves thousands of successful businesses that have come to rely upon and trust MBM’s customer-driven, expert computer, Internet Ensure-IT Managed Security, cabling and telephone system support. As one of the largest independent technology support firms in Michigan, MBM takes pride in its reputation for high quality workmanship and dedication to responding to its customers’ needs both locally and nationwide.

Customer Needs Met

  • The ability to remotely manage Internet security for its customer base
  • A customer-branded security solution: Ensure-IT Managed Security
  • A recurring revenue stream
We wanted to have control of licensing and renewal of customer’s products, allowing us to be proactive when managing a computer environment and ensuring our ability to create and maintain a recurring revenue model, providing greater stability in various economic times.
Jason Goelde
MBM Computer System Solutions


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