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Optix is the leading provider of practice management software for over 800 opticians throughout the United Kingdom. Their software enables opticians, from single practice shops to retail organizations, to schedule appointments, keep medical records and secure payments. Like all healthcare organizations, their business must be secure at all times. Optix believes in using “top-end” technology and chose Check Point SMB appliances to secure its customers and Check Point Security Management Portal to manage their security and ensure connectivity.

Customer Profile

  • Optix develops and secures business management practice software for Opticians throughout the U.K.
  • Optix solutions are designed for cloud delivery, enabling opticians to securely access and use management, clinical, and administrative capabilities online.
  • More than 800 independent opticians rely on Optix for seamless, leading-edge capabilities to take their practices to the next level of efficiency.

Secure • Easy-to-Use • Scalable

  • Ensured secure connections for more than 800 clients
  • Saved time and reduced management costs
  • Minimized management expertise required
Optix Business Management Software
The Check Point SMB appliances just do their job. They don’t require much time or IT intervention, which gives us peace of mind.
Trevor Rowley
Managing Director
Optix Business Management Software


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