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Founded 26 years ago, PharmaPartners is an independent IT specialist in the Netherlands and is a key IT-infrastructure provider within the region’s healthcare industry. The company delivers a range of highly secure, outsourced IT services that allow doctors and other medical professionals to communicate and cooperate including via eHealthNet, a service that integrates the disparate online communications networks of different healthcare professionals. Launched in March 2004, this service now is used by more than 2,460 primary healthcare workers, helping provide integrated healthcare to nearly 45 percent of the Dutch population—more than 7 million citizens.

Customer Needs Met

  • Secure online access to patient records for healthcare professionals
  • Stress-free, secure communication between healthcare professionals
  • A scalable, manageable, and QoS-assured security solution
  • Improved cooperation between doctors and pharmacies
We had to make sure we could deliver the high levels of security that Dutch citizens expect. We realized there was only one security supplier that met our needs - Check Point.
Victor Hijl
eHealthNet Architect, Research and Development Team


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