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P&T Luxembourg

Founded in 1842, P&T Luxembourg is the leading provider of residential and professional services in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. With its 2,700 employees, the company operates postal, financial, and telecommunications services. In telecommunications, P&T Luxembourg runs both landline and mobile networks, providing a full range of voice and data services. With its lean and easily manageable size, P&T Luxembourg serves consumers as well as businesses including international banks, insurance companies and European institutions.

Customer Needs Met

  • Protect customer Web sites
  • Handle security management without user input
  • Offer redundancy and High Availability
  • Provide cohesive manageability
In view of what was required as part of Luxembourg's EU presidency, I do not think any solution other than Provider-1 and VPN-1 VSX could provide such consolidated control of systems, redundancy, and virtualization.
Mohamed Ourdane
P&T Security Services Development Manager


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