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Premier U.S. Regional Hospital

This award winning hospital in the Northeastern United States is responsible for the care of thousands of patients every year. Like other health care providers, the hospital relies on its network to support its most important patient services and business operations. Maintaining maximum security to keep critical operations up and running is a top priority for this premier healthcare provider. Concerned about the growing number of zero-day attacks, the hospital’s IT team implemented Check Point SandBlast. Today the hospital enjoys peace of mind from threats, improved compliance and simplified security management.

Customer Profile

  • This award-winning hospital is one of the premier healthcare providers in the Northeastern U.S.

Prevention • Simplified Management • Visibility

  • Detects and eliminates zero-day and targeted attacks
  • Simplifies management and improves visibility
  • Keeps critical healthcare operations up and running
Check Point lets us block threats before they can get into our system. It’s an ideal way to keep our employee, patient, and business information safe.

IT Security Engineer
Premier U.S. Regional Hospital


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