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With low corporate taxes and a flexible, well-educated workforce, Ireland is fertile ground for foreign investment. More than 1,000 overseas companies—roughly half of them U.S. enterprises—have facilities in Ireland and more keep coming, making Ireland the fastest-growing economy in Europe. RPS exists to support that growth by planning and building the plants and offices of these businesses, as well as the infrastructure that they require. RPS has established itself as Ireland’s leading multidisciplinary consultancy providing planning, engineering, transportation, and environmental services.

Customer Needs Met

  • Secure, reliable remote access for a highly distributed enterprise
  • Flexible remote access solutions for a variety of users
  • Effective and easy-to-use security
Check Point Endpoint Security provides a solution that is secure for us and, at the same time, transparent to the users. Check Point has been great. We couldn’t dream of moving to any other solutions provider.
Connie Wiseman
IT Technical Manager


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