SF Police Credit Union

Like most financial institutions, SFPCU takes security extremely seriously. Even a brief lapse in security can expose its members’ most important financial data, damaging the credit union’s reputation and creating liability risks. Compliance with government and industry organizations such as the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is also critical. “If we fall out of compliance with the NCUA, we risk losing our rating and, in extreme cases, regulators can take over operations to resolve the failed corporates,” says Victor To, Director of Network Security at SFPCU. “

Customer Profile

  • SF Police Credit Union (SFPCU) serves more than 34,000 members.
  • The organization offers a full set of financial services, including loans, savings and checking accounts and insurance and investment products.
  • Founded in 1953, the SFPCU has grown to over $760 million in assets.

Compliant - Secure - Manageable

  • Powerful reporting lets SFPCU meet regulatory compliance
  • Complete security solution mitigates external and internal threats while saving money
  • Single point of management for all security eases management and training
  • Flexible software blade-based solution can scale rapidly for changing needs
With Check Point I can run a variety of different reports that allow SFPCU to create a single robust monthly security management report. In addition, Check Point has all the necessary tools I need for audit trails during compliance audits.
Victor To
Director of Network Security


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