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Tokiwa University

Founded as a junior college in 1966, Tokiwa University is a private educational corporation in Japan that now encompasses the entire range of education from kindergarten to graduate school. In May 2005, the university unveiled its new Media and Information Technology Center to facilitate education and research across the campus, as well as offer more effective classes to students. For network security, Tokiwa University relies on Check Point Software Technologies and its VPN-1® Pro™/FireWall-1® and SmartDefense™ solutions.

Customer Needs Met

  • Consistent security infrastructure that evolves toward new threats
  • Strong perimeter security
  • Internal security for wireless LAN
What I like about VPN-1 Pro/FireWall-1 is from the start there was a consistent philosophy that has never changed. It has continued to be upgraded to respond to new threats, but the basic technology hasn’t changed.
Mr. Tomokazu Nemoto
System Engineer
Tokiwa University, Media and Information Technology Center


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