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Valeri Loukine, Dimension Data SA

Technology is developing so quickly it is vital to be on the edge of things. Every year. Every day. Every moment. With this belief, Senior Security Consultant Valeri Loukine at Dimension Data SA holds the highest level of Check Point certification – Check Point Certified Security Master. Obtaining his first Check Point certification in 2006, he quickly climbed to the top, achieving Security Master Architect and Security Instructor status. He has come to realize, “that I am not just another engineer, but an expert.” Today Valeri specializes in troubleshooting security problems and instructing Security engineers.

Customer Profile

  • Senior Security Consultant, Dimension Data since 2008
  • Authorized Training Center Instructor
  • Check Point Certifications: CCSA, CCSE, CCSE+, CCSI, CCMA, CCSM

Describe your most significant success with Check Point security solutions

With so many interesting, challenging, and successful projects with Check Point, it is almost impossible to choose just one favorite story. Instead, let me tell you what I like most about my job: cracking problems. I remember performing a routine security system migration at one of the largest U.S. online brokerage companies. It was going rather well, but suddenly something was not working right. I started troubleshooting and after about five minutes, I realized there was an external connectivity issue. I reported it to my local colleagues and they fixed it quickly. The project was back on track. To me, it was such a casual incident that I did not pay too much attention to it. Half an hour later, the engineer responsible for the project on the client side asked me out of the room and said, “I am impressed. It took you five minutes for something I would spend a week to fix.” Moments like that are golden. And I have dozens of stories like it.

With the certification title comes a certain degree of respect, and earns your clients’ respect and attention. It is always easier to prove that you are the best when you are certified.
Valeri Loukine
Senior Security Consultant
Dimension Data SA


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