Endpoint Protection
and Threat Prevention

Today’s borderless networks are redefining endpoint protection. With a variety of endpoints freely accessing networks, they’re storing sensitive corporate data. Because 70 percent of successful data breaches start on endpoints,1  a preventative approach to endpoint security can help stop cyber attacks. SandBlast Agent is the advanced endpoint protection and threat prevention solution to protect your organization.

1 “Cybercrime: The Credential Connection,” IDC

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Sept. 3: SASE Securely Connects Remote and Branch Users to the Cloud     AMER | EMEA

Innovative Technology icon

Innovative Threat Prevention Technologies

Uses static, dynamic, and behavioral detection and prevention technologies with advanced artificial intelligence to provide high catch rates and low false positives

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Insightful Detection and Response

Assures continuous collection of comprehensive and complete raw forensics data, employing full attack remediation capabilities

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Complete Endpoint Security Solution

Integrates into Check Point Infinity to get maximum prevention across all attack surfaces, shared intelligence, and a single point of management (cloud service or on premise)

SandBlast Agent Features

SandBlast Agent is a complete endpoint security solution offering a fleet of advanced endpoint threat prevention capabilities so you can safely navigate today’s menacing threat landscape.

It provides a comprehensive system to proactively prevent, detect, and remediate evasive malware attacks.

SandBlast Agent Endpoint and Threat Protection: Complete Endpoint Security Solution feature capabilities diagram
SandBlast Agent Endpoint and Threat Protection: Threat Emulation screen capture
Threat Emulation

Evasion-resistant sandbox technology detects malicious behavior and prevents potential attacks

SandBlast Agent Endpoint and Threat Protection: Threat Extraction screen capture
Threat Extraction

Reconstructs downloaded files, delivering clean, risk-free files to users in real time

SandBlast Agent Endpoint and Threat Protection: Anti-Exploit screen capture

Protects and prevents vulnerable applications and systems from exploit attacks

SandBlast Agent Endpoint and Threat Protection: Anti-Bot screen capture

Detects, contains, and remediates infected hosts

SandBlast Agent Endpoint and Threat Protection: Zero-Phising screen capture

Blocks deceptive phishing sites and alerts on password reuse in real time

SandBlast Agent Endpoint and Threat Protection: Behavioral Guard screen capture
Behavioral Guard

Prevents, detects, and remediates even the most evasive attacks

SandBlast Agent Endpoint and Threat Protection: Anti-Ransomware screen capture

Detects and quarantines the most evasive ransomware variants

SandBlast Agent Endpoint and Threat Protection: Forensics screen capture

Records and analyzes all endpoint events to provide actionable attack forensic report


Additional Features

Protects endpoints from known viruses, worms, and Trojan horse malware and it serves as the baseline endpoint threat prevention engine against known attacks using signature and heuristics.

Provides maximum data protection by automatically encrypting all information on the hard drive, including user data, operating system files, and temporary and erased files. Combines pre-boot protection, boot authentication, and strong encryption to make sure that only authorized users are given access to information stored on desktops and laptops. Blocks unauthorized attempts to copy individual files or introduce rogue programs.

Protects data stored on the computers by encrypting removable media devices and allowing tight control over computers’ ports (USB, Bluetooth, and so on).

Provides secure, seamless, and remote access to corporate networks.

Stops unwanted traffic, prevents malware, and blocks targeted attacks, ensuring protected computers comply with security requirements; assigns different security levels according to the compliance state of the endpoint computer.

Cloud Management or On-premise

SandBlast Agent offers unified, scalable, and granular management available as a cloud service or installed on your premise.

  • Unified – Manage all your endpoint security needs from a single console
  • Scalable – Use one management infrastructure to manage your endpoints, from a few to hundreds of thousand devices
  • Granular – Choose the management granularity that fits your needs. Relay product best practices based on defaults; go deeper by configuring everything on your system, or anywhere in between

SandBlast Agent cloud management service is fully deployed,maintained, and optimized by Check Point enabling rapid deployment, elastic growth, continuous updates and location independent.

SandBlast Agent Options and Specifications

Unified Endpoint Security
Unified Endpoint Security
Browser Extension
Mobile App
Reduce Attack Surface
Endpoint Firewall
Application Control
Endpoint Compliance
Port Protection (Peripheral control)
Remote Access VPN
Data Protection: Full disk and removable storage encryption
Prevent Attacks Before They Run
Endpoint Anti-Virus: Known signatures, heuristics
Static Analysis: Machine learning-based prevention
Zero-Phishing: Anti-phishing, credentials reuse prevention
Threat Emulation (SandBox)
Threat Extraction (Document sanitization)
Runtime Detection and Protection
Behavioral Guard: Mutations of known malware, generic unknown malware
Behavioral Guard: File-less attacks
Anti-Bot: Malicious Command and Control (C&C) traffic detection
Anti-Evasion: Evasion techniques detection
Contain and Remediate
Block traffic to Command and Control (C&C) servers
Lateral movement prevention and infected machine isolation
Process termination and file quarantine
Encrypted file restoration
Full attack chain sterilization
Attack Investigation and Response (EDR)
Forensics collection
Automated event forensics analysis report
Threat hunting
Multi-surface attack immunization (IoC and IoA sharing)
Cloud Management
SandBlast Mobile (iOS and Android threat prevention)

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