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Registering for the CCMA Exam

The CCMA is a two-part exam. The first part is a Computer-based exam offered through Pearson VUE. The second part is a hands-on lab offered at Check Point and select international sites. The hands-on lab is by appointment only and can only be taken after successful completion of the Computer-based exam.

How do I register for the Computer-based portion of the CCMA exam (156-100)?
The CCMA Computer-based exam is a "voucher only" exam. The procedure is:

  1. Contact Check Point and request a 156-100 voucher. Place "CCMA Registration - <your name>" in the Subject line. This voucher is a "zero value" voucher. You will not be charged for the voucher.
  2. Check Point checks your certification profile for the required CCSE Plus NGX certification. Upon verification, Check Point will e-mail a voucher to you.
  3. Contact Pearson VUE to schedule your CCMA (156-100) exam. You can schedule your exam through a global call center, via the web or at any Pearson VUE Authorized Testing Center.  You must provide the voucher number at the time you schedule your appointment.  When registering, you will be charged for the Computer-based exam. During the beta phase, the price is $150 USD.
  4. Take the 156-100 exam at your scheduled appointment time and location.

After you take the exam, VUE will submit your results to Check Point for evaluation. Check Point will review your exam responses and notify you of your score within four to six weeks.

How do I register for the CCMA Lab-based exam (156-105)?

  1. Contact Check Point to make an appointment for your lab exam.
  2. Check Point will schedule your appointment at its Irving, Texas location, unless you are notified otherwise. The fee will be $1200 USD, which is due upon scheduling. You are responsible for travel and lodging costs.

The CCMA Lab-based exam is timed, and will take the entire day. At various times during the lab-based exam you will be required to save certain logs, and you will be expected to keep a journal of your activities and the reasoning behind each action. These are critical, as they will be used by the exam Proctor during the exam evaluation and scoring process. Check Point will review your exam responses and notify you of your score within four to six weeks.

How do I find out more about the CCMA exam?
Visit our Web site for more details, including suggested study material.