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SandBlast Mobile

Using smartphones and tablets to access critical business information on the go has many benefits, but can expose your sensitive data to risk. Check Point’s SandBlast Mobile protects your devices from advanced mobile threats, ensuring you can deploy and defend devices with confidence.


Detect, assess and mitigate advanced mobile security threats

  • Protect sensitive business data at rest, in use and in transit on iOS and Android mobile devices from cyberattacks
  • Improve visibility and protection through integration with existing mobility and security systems (MDM, MAM, NAC, SIEM, etc.)
  • Enable rapid response to cross-platform advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks
  • Preserve user experience and privacy, while adding the protection required by organizational or regulatory mandates


A unified, cross-platform solution to prevent mobile breaches

SandBlast Mobile is the industry’s only unified, cross-platform solution to protect enterprises from mobile breaches. An extension of Check Point’s SandBlast family of products, SandBlast mobile detects and blocks attacks before they become widespread.

  • Leverage joint platforms and real-time threat data from Check Point ThreatCloud, the industry’s largest threat intelligence network
  • Block the most sophisticated attacks before they happen
  • Immunize the entire enterprise against zero-day attacks, regardless of where they originate

Highest level of mobile security for the enterprise

Only Check Point provides a complete mobile security solution that protects devices from threats on the device (OS), in apps, and in the network, and delivers the industry’s highest threat catch rate for iOS and Android. SandBlast Mobile uses malicious app detection to find known and unknown threats by applying threat emulation, advanced static code analysis, app reputation and machine learning.

  • Perform advanced app analysis to detect known and unknown threats
  • Monitor network activity for suspicious or malicious behavior
  • Assess device-level (OS) vulnerabilities to reduce the attack surface
  • Detect and block SMS phishing attacks designed to steal enterprise credentials

Seamless deployment and adoption

Security and mobility teams have enough to worry about. That’s why SandBlast Mobile is designed to help secure mobile devices quickly and confidently through integration with all leading EMM solutions. That helps make the solution highly scalable and delivers strong operational efficiencies for managing mobile security within a broader security infrastructure.

  • Deploy quickly and easily at scale, from 30 to 300,000 devices
  • Maintain device performance while respecting end user privacy

Full mobile threat visibility and intelligence

SandBlast Mobile’s cloud-based dashboard makes managing supported devices and controlling mobile threats fast and easy. It provides security and mobility teams with real-time threat intelligence and visibility into the quantity and types of mobile threats that could impact their business or users.

  • Discover and respond to threats faster and more effectively
  • Integrate threat intelligence with your existing SIEM

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EMM Integrations

EMMs, MDMs, and secure containers are valuable mobility management solutions that provide organizations control over mobile devices that access company resources. While these solutions manage and enforce policies they are not designed to enhance the security posture of a mobile device, because they don’t provide threat intelligence or detect malware.

By integrating with all market-leading EMM solutions, SandBlast Mobile offers a comprehensive solution for enterprise mobility management and security that adds a critical layer of security to these solutions. SandBlast Mobile can be used to dynamically change access privileges to reflect risk levels, transforming static management policies into active device protection.