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Check Point Network Voyager
for IP Appliances


Check Point Network Voyager offers remote and web-based configuration, monitoring, and management of IP appliances through a feature rich GUI. From the Voyager interface, administrators can easily manage and monitor hardware, OS and application deployment, networking, routing, high availability functions, and troubleshooting and configuration optimization tools. For over a decade, Voyager has proven itself in some of the world’s most challenging customer networks.

Key Benefits

  • Easy administration of hardware, networking and routing
  • Simple deployment, upgrade, backup, and restore of applications and OS
  • Improved network awareness through diagnostic and monitoring tools
  • Ensure compliance and security with role-based administration


Simple Configuration and Monitoring
Simplify networking, routing and image management of the OS, applications, and system with Voyager’s GUI architecture. Easily and securely install, configure, upgrade, backup, and restore applications and OS characteristics. Both a GUI and a secure command line interface are available, enabling:

  • System and software configuration management, backup, and restore
  • Networking and routing configuration
  • High availability via VRRP or IP Clustering
  • Monitoring of network traffic, appliance health, and system faults
  • Acceleration technology (SecureXL and ADP) configuration

Full-featured IP Appliance Management
Easily manage dynamic and multicast routing, IPv6, VLANs, link aggregation, RADIUS and TACACS+ clients, job scheduling, licenses, password management, version inventory, backup, restore, and other elements. To help ensure reliability and high availability, Voyager helps configure and manage IP Clustering, VRRP, mirroring, and redundant and hot-swap components for select IP appliances.

Additional capabilities include role-based administration, real-time and historical monitoring, and user-configurable email notifications for system faults. Other management capabilities are available through SNMP for support of third party monitoring systems—agent for SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 protocols.

Enhanced Network Intelligence
Traffic monitoring offers a graphical view of connection history by time, connection size, and protocol. Through monitoring, one can better manage connection handling—a CPU intensive operation—and know if traffic is being accelerated effectively by SecureXL and ADP. Monitoring data and pattern analysis help administrators gain insight to find spikes in traffic, optimize their environment, and improve performance. Also, support is simplified because technicians can point to specific aspects to troubleshoot or optimize a configuration in real time.

Effectively plan and confirm that systems are optimally suited to the customer’s unique environment and specific network traffic mix.

Voyager monitoring significantly improves network traffic and pattern analysis to troubleshoot and optimize a security environment

Technical Specifications

Feature Details
  • Voyager
  • Command line interface
  • Supported by Horizon Manager
  • SNMP RFC 1157, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3
  • Telnet RFC 854
  • FTP RFC 959
  • SSHv2 (secure Telnet and FTP)
  • HTTP Server RFC 2068
  • SSL/TLS RFC 2246
  • Fan and voltage monitoring
  • System and CPU temperature monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Security-hardened, multiprocessing, multi-threading kernel
  • SSHv2
  • Role-based administration
  • SSH (secure Telnet and FTP)
  • SSL/TLS (secure HTTP) RFC 2246
  • Encrypt end-user passwords
  • MD5 authentication
  • NTP client and server RFC 1305
  • RADIUS client, TACACS+ client
  • RIPv2 MD5 authentication

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