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Toronto April 23, 2019

Atlanta April 24, 2019

Chicago May 02, 2019

Philadelphia May 07, 2019

St Louis May 09, 2019

New York May 15, 2019

Buenos Aires May 16, 2019

Miami May 16, 2019

Houston May 21, 2019

Denver May 30, 2019

Vancouver June 04, 2019

Minneapolis June 04, 2019

Sao Paulo June 05, 2019

Dallas June 11, 2019

Bogota July 11, 2019

Orange County July 16, 2019

San Francisco August 1, 2019

Mexico City August 14, 2019

Montreal October 02, 2019

Boston October 03, 2019


Sydney May 08, 2019

Tianjin May 10, 2019

Bangalore May 14, 2019

Singapore May 28, 2019

Mumbai June 07, 2019

Bangkok June 13, 2019

Tokyo July 31, 2019

Hong Kong August 28, 2019


Warsaw April 16, 2019

Mainz May 07 & 08, 2019

Bucharest May 14, 2019

Zurich May 16, 2019

Stockholm May 20, 2019

Sofia May 21, 2019

Oslo May 23, 2019

Helsinki May 28, 2019

Dublin May 28, 2019

Copenhagen May 29, 2019

Paris June 04, 2019

Troia June 05, 2019

Utrecht June 06, 2019

Athens September 10, 2019

Edinburgh June 13, 2019

Ankara June 12, 2019

Brussels July 02, 2019

Tel Aviv July 9, 2019

Nairobi August 21, 2019

Lagos September 16, 2019

Moscow September 19, 2019

Johannesburg September 26, 2019

London October 01, 2019

Wien October 08, 2019

Milano October 21, 2019

Madrid October 23, 2019

Roma October 24, 2019

Prague November 06, 2019

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Join Us at CPX 360 2019


CPX 360 is the world’s premier cyber security summit. Bringing together the world’s leading cyber security experts, CPX 360 key notes and conference sessions deliver the analysis, insights, and training your organization needs to prevent today’s 5th generation mega attacks that target networks, clouds, mobile devices, and endpoints.

In addition to gaining insight into ground-breaking cyber intelligence, CPX 360 is your best opportunity to get hands on with the newest cyber security technology from Check Point and partners in our technology ecosystem. You will also learn why in order to remain operationally secure, businesses require a new generation of cyber security: Gen V. Take a minute to discover more of the benefits you will receive from attending CPX 360.

Why Attend

Come to CPX 360 to gain a deep understanding of the current challenges facing cyber security professionals and corporate executives who face rapid technology change and intense cyber threats. In addition, learn how consolidated security architecture has become the industry standard for effective cyber security and for mitigating chronic staffing shortages and budget limitations.

Whether your interest in cyber security is primarily technical or from a business perspective, CPX 360 is for you. CPX 360 presents conference sessions and tracks that let you customize information for your role and needs. In addition, the hands on labs and technology expo provide product demos and information essential for keeping CSOs, CIOs, IT managers, and administrators current with the latest solutions. Experts are on hand to discuss your unique challenges.

Tracks at a Glance

Cyber Talk Keynotes – Experience TED-like sessions bringing together top cyber security experts to identify ways to tackle unprecedented security challenges and discuss cyber security priorities, trends and innovations
Securing your Cloud (NEW) – All about securing your cloud with effective blueprints to SaaS, Public and Private Cloud
Hackers Exposed (NEW) – Learn how hackers are developing the next wave of Gen VI threats
Cyber Security Innovations (NEW) – Explore Cyber Security Innovations to effectively prevent threats before they cause damage
Cyber Innovation Competition (NEW) – 20×20 short cyber innovation stories
CheckMates Community use-cases – Listen first-hand to industry best practices from other organizations discussing real use-cases
Technology Innovation Labs – Experience Infinity threat prevention and security architecture
Geek Village (NEW) – geeky workshops (e.g. malware reversing, lock picking, crypto, Lego models etc.)
Hands-On Labs – Test Drive our latest technology through our hands-on Lab with a step by step cookbooks
EXPO – Explore the EXPO; see the latest technology solutions and demonstrations from Check Point and our Partners, Start-Up Pavilion
Certification (CPX Americas only) – Bring your laptop and Credit card and come get Certified. Pass an exam (CCSA, CCSE or CCSM) here and your certification benefit will be valid for 3 years instead of 2 years!
Gamification – Explore the 2019 Cyber challenge – CTF game, Shoot down hackers in the Cyber Range, or go on the CheckMates Scavenger Hunt.
Cyber Range – Shoot down hackers and compete for the crown in our Expo Cyber Range. Sign up now to secure your place!

Earn CPE Credits

We are pleased to announce that Check Point is partnering with the following world-class cyber security certification vendors to provide CPX 360 attendees the opportunity to gain Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

  • (ISC)2
  • GIAC
  • EC Council
  • CompTIA

How to Obtain CPE Credits

  1. After attending CPX 360, you will receive a digital badge of attendance from Check Point (example shown below)
  2. Next, visit the certification vendor website and provide them the link to the CPX digital badge as proof of attendance

If you have any questions, please contact us at cpe@checkpoint.com.

Cyber Talk Keynote Videos

Past Speakers

Gil Shwed

Founder and CEO, Check Point

    Dorit Dor

    Vice President of Products

      Pablos Holman

      Futurist, Inventor, Notorious Hacker


        Head of Security Partnerships, Google Cloud

          Russell Walker

          Chief Technology Officer Mississippi Secretary of State

            Michael Chertoff

            2nd United States Secretary of Homeland Security

              Michael Morell

              Former Acting Director of the CIA

                Misha Glenny

                Author & Broadcaster


                  “I’m having a great time at CPX – being able to not only network and collaborate with my peers, but to be able to have one-on-one time and collaborate with a lot of industry leaders and with the actual R&D and engineers from Check Point. You actually listen and want to know what you can do to help me to do a better job, CPX is fantastic!”
                  CPX event attendee
                  “I’ve enjoyed most the breakout sessions and the CyberTalks. I find the new format more attractive. It’s more dynamic. It feels fresh.”
                  CPX event attendee
                  “CPX 360 2018 was an awesome experience where we met a lot of peers, we could deep-dive into particular areas of concern and they could help us solve cyber security concerns.”
                  CPX event attendee
                  “This is the best event I have ever attended.”
                  CPX event attendee
                  “CPX has given us the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and to hear from Check Point directly about their roadmap, what is coming in their product timeline and to hear experiences from industry leaders that have implemented it.”
                  CPX event attendee
                  “I think it was impossible to do better than you did. Good organization, amazing sessions. Well done!”
                  CPX event attendee

                  Become a Sponsor

                  Annually, Check Point holds three CPX 360 mega summits in The United States, Europe, and Asia as well as many local CPX conferences and expos. Every CPX event leverages Check Point’s leadership in the global market for cyber security to create top-level sales and marketing opportunities for our sponsors. For information on how you can become a sponsor contact us.

                  Photos From Past CPX 360 Events