In early September 2017, the USA Department of Homeland Security ordered all federal executive branch agencies to stop using Kaspersky products, giving agencies 90 days to remove the software.

On September 10, 2017, Check Point made a version of its security gateway products with all Kaspersky components removed available to all new and existing customers.  The purpose of this ‘new’ version of our products is to address our customers’ concerns and their need to comply with US government guidance regarding use of products that contain Kaspersky components. There is no change in functionality offered in this version of our products, and customers should expect to enjoy the same high level of security performance as before.

Check Point offers its customers the highest level of threat prevention through use of homegrown technologies, built into dozens of different engines and reinforced by 3rd party engines. The quality of the security offered by our products is driven by our own innovative technologies, and is not reliant on 3rd party technology.

We advise our customers to protect themselves against both known and unknown zero day threats by using our SandBlast product suite, which offers the best detection and prevention capabilities in the market today.

For more information, please refer to our FAQ below.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Check Point removing Kaspersky components from its products?
Check Point is committed to supporting its customers and help them conform with government regulations and concerns regarding use of 3rd party code in their environment. In light of recent concerns around Kaspersky, we are offering our customers the option to not use Kaspersky code when using Check Point products.


Does Check Point still offer its products with the Kaspersky components?
Yes, we let our customers make their own choice, while providing them with the best security and threat prevention in the market. Customers who prefer not to use Kaspersky, due to regulation or other considerations, may do so, while customers without such concerns may continue to use our products as before.


If I do not disable or remove Kaspersky components from my Check Point products, am I at risk?
Check Point continuously and rigorously monitors and tests its entire product suite for vulnerabilities. To that extent, we have not found any evidence to suspect that Kaspersky code, or any other 3rd party code included in it, will compromise our customers’ security.


Will Check Point products suffer degradation in security enforcement without the Kaspersky components?
We expect the security delivered by our products to continue to be as high as ever.

Both our baseline and our advance threat prevention technologies are comprised of dozens of different engines, designed to collectively offer the best security coverage. Multiple engines are employed to determine the nature of each scanned element, and the confidence level for that verdict. Kaspersky is one such engine. Its removal may result in minimal variations in detection and confidence level, which are addressed through the use of other equivalent engines.



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