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2021 Buyer’s Guide to Cyber Security

90% of organizations are using outdated cyber security tools. Learn what criteria you must look for when evaluating cyber security solutions.


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See How These Cyber Security Vendors Stack Up

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of organizations are using outdated cyber security tools

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of security professionals anticipate a significant breach in the near future

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of breaches will likely occur as a result of customer misconfigurations, or other human errors

The 10 Most Critical Considerations in
Choosing Your Cyber Security

Real-Time Prevention

Your prevention platform should include cutting-edge technologies, like behavioral detection and machine learning algorithms, that can identify and block exploits on networks, cloud, and endpoints, before they execute and infiltrate your network. The ability to prevent patient-zero, so to speak, is critical.

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Control the Cloud

Organizations need the ability to easily manage security and compliance for cloud environments. The development of the public cloud allows organizations to scale, and to conduct business more efficiently, but the lack of borders also demands an entirely new level of security.

Protection from Every Direction

Locking down everything is critical. The only way to ensure that your network is secure is by ensuring that everything connected to it is secure. Secure your individual computers, phones, tablets, and other extensions of your network.

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See all 10 critical considerations in choosing your cyber security solution


2021 Buyer’s Guide to Cyber Security

Key Highlights

Cyber Security Buyer's Guide key highlights

  • Detailed analysis of the 10 most important considerations in selecting a cyber security vendor
  • Access to the Agony Meter – a scale that measures the efficiency of various security management platforms
  • Recommendations on how to select a cyber security vendor that will protect your organization from the latest threats
  • Improved ROI from making smarter cyber security decisions

Receive in-depth strategies to enhance your
organization’s security posture


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