Staying Safe in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

How the Evolution of Ransomware Changed the Threat Landscape

From WannaCry to Conti: A 5 Year Perspective

WannaCry attack changed cybersecurity; it made waves because of its outsized influence on the cyber-threat landscape. As the first global-scaled, multi-vectored cyberattack powered by state-sponsored actors, WannaCry marked a turning point in the cybersecurity environment, inspiring actors worldwide and affecting the whole threat landscape for the next five years up until now.


Major Trends Timeline 2017-2022

ransomware trends timeline graph

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Ransomware attacks have transformed the cyber attack landscape. These sophisticated and persistent threats
can rapidly shut down computers, stop business operations, destabilize economies, and limit access to goods and services in minutes.

With higher levels of cyber security maturity, organizations can develop more resilient environments.


Ransomware is on the Rise

Remote work and accelerated cloud adoption have created a global increase in ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated with new trends such as Ransomware-as-a-Service and Mobile. Cybercriminals threaten to publish private information for double extortion and demand ransom not only from the infected organization itself but from its customers, partners, and suppliers in triple extortion.


Increase in ransomware attacks year over year so far in 2022

1 out of
every 60

Organizations globally impacted by Ransomware attacks weekly

7 times

Ransomware cost is 7x higher than ransom paid

Prevent Attacks Before They Happen

In the current climate of Ransomware, mega supply chain attacks, and the constant fight against newly evolved malware, threat intelligence and rapid response capabilities are vital.

To prevent your organization from being damaged by a cyber-attack, read Preventing the Next Cyber Attack and learn:

  • How To Prevent The Next Attack
  • How to protect all IT elements with an effective security architecture
  • The cyber security technologies and strategies that prevent cyber attacks
  • The importance of maintaining security hygiene

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Check Point’s Anti-Ransomware, a Ransomware Protection solution that protects organizations from the most sophisticated ransomware attacks, and safely recovers encrypted data, ensuring business continuity and productivity. Anti-Ransomware is offered as part of Harmony Endpoint – Check Point’s complete endpoint security solution. Harmony Endpoint provides comprehensive endpoint protection at the highest security level, crucial to avoiding security breaches and data compromise.


Can your endpoint security do this

Can YOUR Endpoint Protection Do This?

What makes one Endpoint Protection stand out from another and ensures effective ransomware protection?

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