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Configuring a DHCP Server

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By default, the UTM-1 appliance operates as a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server. This allows the UTM-1 appliance to automatically configure all the devices on your network with their network configuration details.

Note: The DHCP server only serves computers that are configured to obtain an IP address automatically. If a computer is not configured to obtain an IP address automatically, it is recommended to assign it an IP address outside of the DHCP address range. However, if you do assign the computer an IP address within the DHCP address range, the DHCP server will detect this and will not assign this IP address to another computer.

If you already have a DHCP server in your internal network, and you want to use it instead of the UTM-1 DHCP server, you must disable the UTM-1 DHCP server, since you cannot have two DHCP servers or relays on the same network segment.

If you want to use a DHCP server on the Internet or via a VPN, instead of the UTM-1 DHCP server, you can configure DHCP relay. When in DHCP relay mode, the UTM-1 appliance relays information from the desired DHCP server to the devices on your network.

Note: You can perform DHCP reservation using network objects. For information, see Using Network Objects.

In This Section

Enabling/Disabling the UTM-1 DHCP Server

Configuring the DHCP Address Range

Configuring DHCP Relay

Configuring DHCP Server Options

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Note: The following DHCP server configurations are not available for the OfficeMode network:

  • Enabling and disabling the UTM-1 DHCP Server
  • Setting the DHCP range manually
  • Configuring DHCP relay