SCADAfence + Check Point

Check Point and SCADAfence secure ICS and OT networks with ICS-specific asset discovery and passive OT monitoring for more efficient and effective firewall management.
SCADAfence + Check Point IoT Security

SCADAfence and Check Point's Integrated Solution

As more devices connect to OT systems and ICS networks, these networks are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats. An approach that provides real-time visibility and security, while addressing the unique technical and operational requirements of OT networks is needed.

Check Point and SCADAfence have partnered to provide customers with a seamless offering to increase visibility into ICS and OT networks as well as to protect them from cyber threats and security events.

The SCADAfence Platform’s detection engine detects OT security threats and automatically sends policy recommentations to the Check Point IoT Security Manager. SCADAfence can also send alerts if the firewall’s policy is violated or if there are communications to or from unauthorized IPs. All OT network alerts can be sent to the Check Point SmartConsole, giving the user a contextual understanding for event investigations, helping them make well-informed decisions.

How the Solution Works

  • Get detailed visibility across IT and OT devices, their attributes and risk level
  • Get an in-depth view of external and internal threats targeting OT environments
  • Automate asset discovery, classification, tracking and application of firewall protections
  • Apply policies for every device in the IT and OT networks based on risk level
  • Apply virtual patching using Check Point Next Generation Firewalls to block IoT-related attacks
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