Stefanini gains Cyber security management insights enhancing security posture throughout ecosystem

“Check Point R80 was instrumental in enabling us to prevent an attack in real time. An attacker was trying to compromise a server, and Smart Log immediately gave us the information we needed to stop the attack and strengthen our defenses going forward.”
—Dion King, Network Engineer, Stefanini


Stefanini provides a broad portfolio of IT solutions. It relies on innovative technology, strong partnerships, and highly trained IT professionals to provide clients with revolutionary solutions that enhance competitiveness. To protect its own intellectual property, as well as clients’ data, Stefanini chose Check Point.

Business Challenge

Protecting Brand Value and Reputation
Stefanini maintains partnerships with medium-to-large enterprises around the world, providing them with innovative solutions and support. Partner collaboration generates up to 1 Gbps of data entering the company’s network. Diverse traffic streams enter the network to access web servers and databases. If zero-day or other cyberattacks successfully breach the network, both client and Stefanini assets are at risk.

“Protecting clients’ data is directly tied to our reputation,” said Dion King, Network Engineer at Stefanini. “Not only are you risking financial assets, you’re also risking the company’s reputation if customer data is not protected.”


Deploying NextGen Defenses
Defending against next generation threats required next generation cybersecurity solutions. Stefanini chose the Check Point 15600 and 23000 Firewalls for the most advanced firewall protection. Check Point firewalls protect the network perimeter, as well as internal networks. They enable Stefanini to detect and control application usage, enabling partners to access the capabilities they need while maintaining network safety. Advanced identity awareness gives the team flexibility to create granular policy definitions per user, device, and group. Some internal Stefanini organizations use only the firewall and IPS blades; other groups deploy various blades depending on the specific needs of clients.

Check Point R80 Security Management gives the team centralized control of all security gateways—from the primary data center to individual sites. The team gains threat prevention and full threat visibility in a single pane of glass. A single policy for users, data, applications, and networks provides in-depth control. They can easily segment policy to align with partner requirements or network functions and see everything in a unified console.


Efficient and Effective Cyber Security Management
Exploits and other threats are stopped at the perimeter, enabling Stefanini to prevent them from reaching critical resources and assets. R80 transformed the team’s management capabilities. Instead of navigating disparate tools with poor user interfaces, the team can easily view, configure, and administer the entire environment from the console.

“The concurrent administration capability is a great advantage,” said King. “We’re no longer constrained by only one user able to work in the console at a time. Check Point R80 helps our team work better and more efficiently together.”

Securing Partner Connections
Check Point R80 Smart Log provides invaluable daily insight for troubleshooting. Smart Log accelerates queries, converting and analyzing log data to deliver split-second search results. The team has real-time visibility into billions of log records over multiple time periods and domains.

Partners connect to Stefanini through VPN tunnels. In the past, the team had little visibility into any anomalies or connection issues that affected performance or indicated a potential threat. Check Point R80 delivers in-depth insight into any VPN abnormalities, which Stefanini can share with partners. This visibility has strengthened the company’s security posture across partner connections.

“R80 was instrumental in enabling us to prevent an attack in real time,” said King. “An attacker was trying to compromise a server, and Smart Log immediately gave us the information we needed to stop the attack and strengthen our defenses going forward.”

A Strategic Partner for the Future
“With Check Point, we gained a strategic partner,” said King. “We can reach out directly to engineers and receive real-time fixes. We have weekly meetings where we bring up issues and discuss projects. Check Point Diamond Direct Support engineers are part of our team.”

Stefanini now has a strong foundation for defending against today’s cyber threats while preparing for unknown and emerging threats.
Check Point is a vital component of the company’s business—and future.

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