Endpoint Security

Check Point endpoint security includes data security, network security, advanced threat prevention, forensics, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and remote access VPN solutions. To offer simple and flexible security administration, Check Point’s entire endpoint security suite can be managed centrally using a single management console.

Why Check Point Endpoint Security Solutions?


Secure data at rest, in use and in transit on endpoint devices


A purpose-built endpoint security solution that prevents advanced attacks

Single Management

Simple and flexible security administration, centrally managed

Endpoint Protection
Buyer’s Guide

Learn about 5 must-haves, core principles of the optimal endpoint security solution and the key questions that should be asked when evaluating your endpoint security options

Endpoint Security Solutions

Preventing Ransomware​ SandBlast Agent

Endpoint Security

SandBlast Agent endpoint protection provides simple, unified management and policy enforcement for complete Windows and Mac OS X security.

Mobile Devices

SandBlast Mobile is the leading mobile threat defense solution for Android and iOS mobile security.

Mobile Secure Workspace

Capsule Workspace is a seamless solution for securing business environments on mobile devices.

“We are really pleased with the unified approach to security provided by Check Point Infinity. All of our security platforms communicate and share data with each other, which means that rather than just relying on detection, we know that we are actively preventing problems from occurring. This gives us confidence that our corporate and customer data is secure and that we are GDPR compliant.”

-Laurent Grutman, CIO at Laurenty

5 Must-Have Endpoint Protections

What are the top 5 protections you must look for in an endpoint security tool, and what kind of technology and functionality will
best suit your organization’s needs.

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